Studying overseas is a deeply rewarding experience, where students can expand their personal awareness and explore other social frameworks.  As well as  acquiring lasting memories,  it enriches students’ ability to live and work in an increasingly competitive and diverse global society.  The programs fall into two categories:

One (or more) semester is taught here at Le Antiche Torri.  Staff from your university teach the course requirements but they may choose to do so in collaboration with Academics  from nearby Italian universities.  Additionally, we work with you to create a series of academic and cultural programs to augment your core syllabus.  The scope of these additional programs is extensive, ranging from History of Art and Italian Language through to Architecture and  Herbal Medicine. 

During vacation periods, university or high school students can stay with us and participate in a series of courses and activities, designed to enrich their personal development as well as to complement their university curriculum.  Italian language courses are always available.

These are entirely bespoke programs:  each one is individual. We work in close collaboration with you to understand the needs and interests of the students as well as how your academic time-tabling operates so we can see how much free time is available. You may already have a clear idea of the type of additional curriculum your students require, or alternatively you might like us to help construct a schedule of  programs  that compliments your course.

Le Antiche Torri works in partnership with the University of Camerino, Ancona Polytechnic University Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera as well as conservatorie di musica to provide courses, workshops and seminars on business, engineering, architecture, liberal arts as well as on Italian language and culture, Italian literature and Italian renaissance heritage – to name but some!


For any further information please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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