The bilateral agreement between Italy and China has enabled Le Antiche Torri to develop a superb program designed very specifically for Chinese students who hope to go on to study at Italian Universities.

Each year, for six months (Feb to Aug) or nine months (Oct to Aug) around 150 Chinese students come to live in Sarnano as part of our community. 

They follow the The Pre-University Foundation Course  leading to the Certification of Italian L2 (levels B1-B2).  This is a prerequisite for admission to Italian universities, Academies of Fine Arts as well as Music Institutions.

Teaching takes place in The School and the academic side of life is augmented with a very rich social and cultural experience for the students.  Over the years the young Chinese students have become a very welcomed element of the Sarnano social scene.

Le Antiche Torri Cultural Association has forged very important and prestigious formal agreements with notable Italian academic institutions around the country. Details of The Academic Agreements and information about the establishments are available.



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