This is the land of great artists,  poets,  travellers,  musicians and Popes.  It’s the birthplace of  Popes Nicolò IV, Sisto V, Pio VIII and Pio IX,  of the divine Raphael,  Donato Bramante,  Gentile da Fabriano,  Padre Matteo Ricci,  Giovanni De Magistris, Gioacchino Rossini,  Giambattista Pergolesi, Cecco d’Ascoli,  Ugo Betti, the great poet Giacomo Leopardi.

The great Renaissance painters worked in Le Marche leaving  priceless works in every corner of the region, from the biggest cities to the smallest villages:  Carlo and Vittore Crivelli, Lorenzo Lotto, Piero della Francesca, Paolo Uccello, Luca Signorelli, Tiziano, G:Battista Tiepolo, Guido Reni, Rubens.

The area is full of important archaeological sites, some not yet open to the public. Notable ones include the great Piceni settlements; ruins of Roman cities such as Urbs Salvia, Helvia Recina, Falerone; the Triumphal Arches of Traiano in Ancona and of Augustus in Fano; the famous golden Bronzes of Cartoceto; the great Roman roads The Flaminia and The Salaria  and the extraordinary Necropolis of the Longobards at Castel Trosino.  There are castles, palaces, abbeys and convents, churches and chapels where you can admire frescoes, paintings, marble and wooden statues of great value. 

Over centuries the Marchigiani have developed a variety of crafts in family-run workshops, passed through the generations, working with ceramics, wood, iron and copper, and lace-making. There are countless small family farms specialising  in the production of first class olive oils, wines, cheeses and cured pork meat.  Locals use dialects that have remained virtually unchanged for centuries, and you’ll still hear these languages spoken in the cafes and bars today!

The various peoples who occupied Le Marche in the past have bequeathed it a rich heritage in every castle, town and village around, giving rise to a vast array of historical pageants, folkloric spectacles and festas all seen as a part of  celebrating the remarkable artistic and creative backbone of this fabulous region.

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