Le Antiche Torri Cultural Association was founded in 2002 by Professors Dea Pellegrini, Pasqualina Luciani and Francesca Carducci. They are distinguished educationalists and their passion and dedication has seen the organisation become a respected feature on the academic landscape in Le Marche.

Prof. Dea Pellegrini, President of the Association, has been involved in promoting the teaching of the Italian language abroad for many years.  She has worked as an Educational Language Advisor in Italian Embassies in South America and Africa and has collaborated with the Direzione Generale delle Relazioni Internazionali of the MIUR, the Direzione Generale per la Cooperazione Culturale of the MAE on projects in both European and non-European countries and with the Istituto Italo Latino Americano (I.I.L.A.).

The Linguistic and Research Centre Director, Prof. Pasqualina Luciani has extensive experience in the teaching of foreign languages and in the organisation of overseas student exchange  programs, seminars and study activities for both students and teachers.

Prof. Francesca Carducci is responsible for the students’ pastoral care and well being.  Her entire career has been in the field of teaching.  She supervises student counselling and facilitates their assimilation into the community as well as liaising with the host families.


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