Our goal is to promote academic endeavour and research into the Italian language, culture and environmental heritage of  Sarnano and Le Marche. 

Through a range of initiatives, study programs and research projects we foster a deeper appreciation of the social and ecological fabric of this magnificent region of Italy. 

Central to our work are the student exchange programs we operate from Le Antiche Torri.  The energy and enthusiasm that young people bring are important components of our work, and the sharing of different cultural and social values makes a vital contribution.

We are a non-profit making and politically independent organisation. The Association  has sponsorship and agreements with a range of bodies such as the Comune di Sarnano, the Comunita dei Monte Azzuri and the Comunita Montana de Sibillini.  Additionally, we collaborate with various prestigious Italian universities. The Association is also a seat for the Certificate of General Competence Examinations in Italian L2.





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